After “Lomez” was doxed this week and re…

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After “Lomez” was doxed this week and revealed to be a 40 year old Jewish professor, one of the groypers pointed out that all of the guys in that network are proven or suspected to be Jewish— including Fisher King.

Totally unbothered by this because it definitely isn’t true, Fisher King retweets confirmed-Jew Ben Braddock mocking the original post and tweets that “people who do fake witch hunts” should be killed. Normal reaction.

First they said they weren’t Jewish, then a few of them got doxed and it was confirmed that they are. Then they insisted it really wasn’t a big deal and downplayed it entirely— yet they get really mad when you point this out.

You expose one of these “based” Jews that are supposedly on our side and they cry out, seething, exactly like Shapiro or any of the rest of them would.

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